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Tales of Symphonia Challenge
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A Tales of Symphonia Fanfiction/Fanart and Icon Challenge Community.


1) Claim here. You can either pick a character, a pairing, an anti-pairing, or a specific group. Pairings can be either M/F, M/M, or F/F. View the claims list to see if who/what you want is still open. You can claim up to two things at one time.

2) Using the 100 themes, either write 100 fics, draw 100 fanarts, or a mixture of both to satisfy those 100 themes. Or, you can decide to do 100 icons instead. When posting, put the Theme # and your claim in the header. Then, post in this format:
Prompt #:
Word Count (if a fic):
Author's Notes:

fic/art under an lj-cut

3) Post here when you're done!

The Table:
001.Angel 002.Gravity 003.Wounds 004.Cry 005.Fire
006.Water 007.Dark vs. Light 008.Horizon 009.Ocean 010.Wings
011.Decision 012.Gratitude 013.Fluffy 014.Mountain 015.Comfort
016.Death 017.Life 018.Distrust 019.Warmth 020.Beat
021.Whip 022.Servant 023.Voice 024.Universe 025.Sword
026.Eyes 027.Moonlight 028.Imprisonment 029.Colors 030.Lunch
031.Narrow 032.Snow 033.Rain 034.Flower Petals 035.Loneliness
036.Desire 037.Sin 038.Bewilderment 039.Tranquility 040.Leader
041.Smile 042.Apology 043.Touched 044.Magic 045.Sale
046.Fly 047.Slam 048.Lost 049.Irregular 050.Love
051.Hate 052.Normal 053.Red 054.Gift 055.Family
056.Allies 057.Enemies 058.Black 059.Eternity 060.Summon
061.Grave 062.Laughter 063.Blanket 064.Picture 065.Tradition
066.Armor 067."Life is forever" 068.Don't 069.Beg 070.Master
071.Student 072.Cooking 073.Game 074.Double 075.Privacy
076.Work 077.Battleground 078.Travel 079.Cross 080.Rip
081.Embarrassment 082.Blush 083.Money 084.Passion 085.Diminish
086.Pride 087.Tears 088.Training 089.Action 090.Memory
091.Separation 092.Feathers 093.Chaos 094.Peace 095.Judgement
096.Choice 097.Choice 098.Choice 099.Choice 100.Choice

Get the code here.


1) NO FLAMING. I hate people who flame and anyone who does will be deleated from the community. End of story. Tolerance. There will be yaoi, yuri, and het. welcome here.

2) Give proper ratings/warnings. There will be a warning issued if you let's just say, write an NC-17 story and you rate it G. And warnings. Give them if you have such things as incest, lemon, yaoi, yuri, rape, excessive violence, etc.

3) Don't steal. Basically don't take anything that doesn't belong to you in order to use it.

4) Have fun, and take your time. I know how people sometimes have other things they need to do, so there is no set time limit. You don't have to go in cronological order. (For example, you can start with #87 and then move to #65 for your next one)

5) Please, if you haven't finished the game...try and finish it. There will be people with spoilers, and I don't want anyone getting mad cause they didn't finish it yet.

6) Fics need to be at least 300 words in length. I've been asked about drabbles, but I personally like fics better. Three hundred words I don't think is all that much.

7) If you decide to do icons, then you can only do icons. You can't put a mixture of icons and fanfics/fanart. You can do either all fanfiction, all fanart, a mix of fanfiction and fanart, or icons. Icons cannot be mixed with anything else.

8) If you have any other questions, email (thegreatbl_sama@yahoo.com) or comment me, and I'll get back.

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